Sustained Silent Reading is an activity that holds many benefits for students. Research has shown that not only does reading comprehension and fluency increase when Silent Reading occurs in the classroom, but also student writing increases. This is because reading and writing skills are interconnected, much like with singing: if a singer wants to sing higher, s/he should practice singing lower; if that singer instead wants to sing lower, s/he should practice singing higher. With reading, sustained and practiced reading stretches the mind and helps the individual to form different patterns to use when constructing sentences.

Because of this, we will be Silent Reading in class 2-3 times per month. Below are the requirements for the reading materials you can bring to class:

1. Magazines must have articles written in them (Articles are written pieces that are at least ½ of a page in length and should average out to 1 per page. 2 full pages of text will count as 4 articles.).
2. All materials must be school appropriate.
3. Magazines/newspapers must be ‘okayed’ by Miss McNaull at least 1 day prior to SSR day.
4. All materials must be 50+ pages (If you have something that you want to read that is less than 50 pages long, you are free to check with me. I have made exceptions to this rule if there is a sufficient amount of text.).
5. This is not study, homework, or nap time. You may not complete any homework during this time, and must read something for your own enjoyment.
6. You must come prepared with SSR material OR have selected a book from Miss McNaull’s library before class begins on the SSR day.
7. If you forgot your book at home, you will have 5 minutes to select a book, but may not speak to anyone while you are looking for a book.