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This is my second year teaching at Mapleton High School and my second time teaching freshman English! I am very excited because I'm sure we have a wonderful year ahead of us! Three years ago, I taught freshman English at an online school, but missed being in a school setting. After that year, I knew I needed to be in the classroom with students again. So, two years ago, I was a substitute around Ashland (I had many of you in class, in fact!), and took over at Mapleton teaching junior and senior English after Mr. Mavis passed away in January of 2013. I currently live in Wooster with a few other girls who work at the J.M. Smucker Company, which means I get all the delicious jams and jellies I can eat. :-)

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I helped to raise a black lab that I simply adore! She is one of the sweetest pups ever. I love seeing that face when I visit my parents' house. I'm sure you will hear many stories about her as the year progresses. :-)

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I am a true fanatic of both The Hunger Games and Harry Potter series. While the dark premise of the Games books can, in fact, be quite disturbing, the quality of writing, character development, and overarching theme of self-discovery/acceptance make this trilogy a wonderful addition to the literary work of America (and the junior classroom later this year--yay!).